Our Story

Greatlife Psychology Centre was opened in 2012. We have worked hard to promote mental health through counseling services and products promoting mental health. Main themes/strategies have been Focus Forward, Better Days Ahead, Greatlife.

Life in the Past Lane - Focus Forward on Better Days Ahead

This book will benefit anyone who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns. Written to appeal to readers of all ages, this journey through childhood, adolescence, and beyond is not only motivational and inspiring but informative and helpful. The ups and downs and challenges we face and strategies to overcome these challenges are well documented throughout this book.

Each day we have an opportunity to accumulate evidence from our lives that things can and will be okay. Remember the evidence you have in your life. 

Block off some time for you. Give yourself a break, let the stresses of the world fall away. Reset, regroup, and refocus.

At Greatlife we want you to have a great life!